Hungary Cracks Down on Immigration

By: Kayce Champion | February 10, 2017

Hungary has been putting their foot down on the movement of immigrants around the country. “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will introduce measures within weeks to hold immigrants in detention “shelters” indefinitely in order to stop them traveling freely within Europe” (McTague “Hungary Hardens Immigration Line”). After Trump’s immigration ban, Hungary decided to do the same. The country has been on the opposing side of the EU in regards to the entrance of immigrants. Hungary was one of the countries in 2015 to construct barbed wire fences during the migrant crisis (Krauthamer “Hungary to Lock Down All Migrants – Transitions Online”).

With this idea intact, all immigrants located in Hungary are unable to travel while their cases are pending. In that time, the immigrants will be placed in shelters awaiting their fate in Hungary. Hungary and other Balkan countries have instituted this idea regarding the immigration of their countries. But despite decreasing immigrant numbers in Hungary, the Prime Minister finds this the most fitting form of controlling immigration. “Even though the number of “illegal immigrants” and asylum seekers in Hungary fell last year, “we cannot uphold the illusion that the problems will be solved,” director general of the Immigration and Asylum office Zsuzsanna Vegh has said. About 48,000 “illegal migrants” and asylum seekers entered the country in 2016, compared to more than 400,000 in 2015” (Krauthamer “Hungary to Lock Down All Migrants – Transitions Online”). The measures against immigration within Hungary have started and will continue despite opposing forces in other countries of the European Union.


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