Ukrainian Political System

By: Natalie Smith

The Ukrainian government is a democratic republic government. Achieving this government has been a true battle for the Ukraine. The Ukraine established a democratic republic government in 1917. Shortly after establishing the government in Ukraine, Ukraine became a part of the USSR in 1922. The Ukraine had a long fight for independence from the Soviet Union. In 1991 the Ukraine created a referendum of an act of declaration of independence. The Ukraine finally gained their true independence. Ukraine remained to have a democratic republic once gaining independence. A democratic republic is a government that mixes both a democracy and republic to form a government system. Characteristics of this government include a president and parliament. The people of the Ukraine elect a president every five years giving the people the ability to play a large role in the government. The Ukrainian government also has a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is picked by not only the president but the cabinet as well. The country Ukraine is also governed by a constitution which the government enforces. The government of Ukraine also has the The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is the unicameral parliament of Ukraine. The parliament is made up of 450 representatives. These 450 representatives serve five year terms just like the president does. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine also has a leader similar to the speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States. I personally believe that the tough history of Ukraine has led to the strong democratic republic government it has now. Even though before receiving true independence from the Soviet Union Ukraine was a democratic republic the Ukrainian people still had to make a push to keep their government the same. Even though declaring independence from the Soviet Union did not change the political system in the Ukraine it did allow for the government to become stronger therefore making it more efficient. Overall the Ukrainian government allows its people to play a role and have a voice time and time again. The government in Ukraine is set to truly benefit the people living within the unique eastern European country.


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