Major Protest Breakout in Slovakia

Major Protest Breakout in Slovakia

By: Natalie Smith

Major protest have broken out within Slovakia with a focus on protesting against corruption. Thousands of Slovakian citizens have flocked to the streets of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. 5,000 people marched in the capital streets on April 19th of 2017. This protest was the largest protest seen in the capital in seven years. The protestors ranged from students to celebrities. The citizens of the country are angry with officials of the Slovakian government. There are many citizens who feel that corruption is limiting the growth and prosperity of the Eastern European country. Corruption is behavior that is fraudulent. Corruption can cause a country to be limited due to government officials seeking personal goals and not seeking what is in the best entrance of the country. The protestors are also looking for government officials to step down, change their morals, and possibly receive punishment. The protest in Slovakia are not the only protest going on in Eastern Europe regarding corruption. The protest in Slovakia in many ways are similar to the protest going on in Romania and Hungary. Corruption is a major issue in several eastern European countries. The Slovakia protest is also in many ways a response to the similar protest in the Eastern European region. The citizens of Slovakia are standing strong on their platforms, and they clearly want to see change. The protest in Slovakia have already taken a strong stance in expressing their negative feelings against corruption, but they just have begun. The protestors appear not to be backing down, and they will continue to fight against corruption just as other countries in their region are doing.


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