Eastern European Countries React to Anti-Gay Issue within Eastern Europe

Eastern European Countries React to Anti-Gay Issue within Eastern Europe

By: Natalie Smith

The Republic of Chechnya has been receiving tons of backlash throughout the world regarding anti-gay actions. The Republic of Chechnya is a federal subject of Russia. There has been clear evidence of gay men being detained and violently attacked within Chechnya even murder. There has also been many claims of humiliation and tons of discrimination of gay men with strong evidence to support these claims. People have been responding to the events in Chechnya across the globe. People have spoken out about the events from San Francisco to Amsterdam. Only a few Eastern European countries have responded to the events occurring in Russia. Poland has spoken to Russian adversaries regarding the issue trying to take in refugees from Chechnya into Poland. Lithuania on the other hand is responding differently than Poland. Lithuania is a part of the European Union yet they are completely silent on the issue going on in Chechnya. The country of Georgia has not clearly came out in defense of the people being discriminated against in Chechnya; however, there has been many human rights activist standing up for the people in Chechnya. The human rights activist in Georgia have been helping refugees escape from discrimination in Chechnya and come to Georgia. The human rights activist in Georgia have been the most active in working to stand against the issue in Russia. All in all Eastern Europe as a whole have been very silent regarding the issue for political reasons. Only time can tell what will happen in Chechnya, but it is a pressing issue in Eastern Europe.  



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